New features

  • Added Z-Ray SQL queries handler for the PHP PDO class.

    The following directives were added to the ZendHQ PHP extension:

    zendhq.zray.collect_sql = 1
    zendhq.zray.collect_backtrace.sql_queries = 1
    zendhq.zray.max_bound_value_size = 1
  • Added Z-Ray SQL queries to the database.

    Added tables for storing SQL queries, database connections and transactions. Moved stack trace frames into a separate table and updated existing tables to reference stack trace frames in the new table.

    Z-Ray database schema version is now 1.1. Existing databases are upgraded to the version 1.1 without a loss of data.

  • Added Z-Ray SQL queries to the JSON-RPC API.

    Implemented and documented the zray.SQL_QUERIES JSON-RPC notification event.

    The JSON-RPC zray namespace version number is now 1.5. The JSON-RPC session namespace version number is now 1.4.

  • ZendHQ documentation is now installed to the ${INSTALL_PREFIX}/doc directory

  • Added preliminary support for the upcoming PHP 8.3 version

Bug fixes

  • Fixed setting the node name value in the ZendHQ PHP extension.

  • The node name value is now initialized when PHP processes the first request, which allows changing the value for PHP-FPM pools with the php_value[zendhq.node_name] directive.

  • Fixed Job Queue that kept running recurring jobs even if the license expired.

    All the queues are now suspended if the license is expired, missing, or invalid.

  • Fixed retrieving scheduled Job Queue jobs using the PHP API.

    If a running task had a name, then it was not added to the list of scheduled jobs when requested without a name filter.

Build and packaging changes

  • Added zendhq-doc package. Currently contains JSON-RPC documentation located in /opt/zend/zendphp/doc as .md files.

  • Updated dependency libraries versions

    • qt5 v5.15.14
    • protobuf 3.21.12
    • re2 2023.08.01, built with statically linked abseil 20230802.0
  • ZendHQ binaries (incl. PHP extension) built using static linking to re2, protobuf and zeromq dependency libraries.

    Formerly needed dependency packages are not needed anymore and may be removed after ZendHQ upgrade:

    • Debian, Ubuntu distros: libprotobuf28-zendphplibzmq5-zendphplibre2-*
    • Alpine distros: libprotobuf-zendphplibzmq-zendphplibre2
    • RHEL compatible distros: protobuf-zendphpzeromq-zendphpre2

    These obsolete packages mentioned above are currently not removed automatically. Please pay attention on re2 libraries when removing - these were installed from OS distribution repositories and may be required for other installed packages. yum autoremove and apt autoremove should be safe to use for removing unneeded packages. On Alpine, apk update [] will automatically remove unused packages.