• Added Z-Ray SQL query introspection support for the pgsql, mysqli, and sqlite3 extensions.
  • The ZendHQ PHP extension is now enabled for the cgi-fcgi PHP SAPI. The cgi-fcgi SAPI is used by the Apache fcgi module on IBM i.


  • Changed the way Z-Ray raw post data is collected and reported. The raw post data is now collected for any request type except GET. The data is base64-encoded in order to stringify binary data.
    • The zray.RAW_POST_DATA JSON-RPC event now contains Content-Type and Content-Length HTTP request headers. The data member is a base64-encoded string.
    • The zrayh.get_request JSON-RPC method response raw_post_data member now contains a JSON object with the same content of the zray.RAW_POST_DATA event instead of a string.
  • Added status and flags to the zray.SQL_QUERIES JSON-RPC message.
    • The status member indicates the status of the SQL query and can be one of ok, error, or undef.
    • The flags member is a JSON object, which can contain the member "async": true, indicating PostgreSQL asynchronous queries.
  • JSON-RPC zray namespace API version is now 1.6.
  • JSON-RPC zrayh namespace API version is now 1.2.
  • JSONRPC ct` namespace API version is now 1.1.
  • Z-Ray database schema version is now 1.2. Existing databases are upgraded to version 1.2 without a loss of data.


  • Added missing Z-Ray database indexes. The Z-Ray database was missing indexes for stack traces, which made retrieving and deleting Z-Ray SQL queries from the database extremely slow.

  • Fixed Code Trace dump file processing. Introduced the incomplete flag for checkpoints that require both the start and end (e.g. function calls). Incomplete checkpoints are output to the JSON document with the incomplete member set to the JSON true value. The CT_FULL flag is now properly set in the dump file header if the Code Trace buffer becomes full.