New Features

  • Added LDAP authentication and authorization support to the ZendHQ daemon.

    ZendHQ daemon can now be configured to use a LDAP server, like ActiveDirectory or an OpenLDAP server, to authenticate and authorize ZendHQ users.

    LDAP authentication is performed asynchronously and JsonRpc clients cannot send other requests before authentication is finished and a response sent to the client.

  • Added Z-Ray SQL queries support for the PHP sqlsrv extension.

    Support for the sqlsrv extension was already added in the previous 1.6.0 version, but now it is enabled for the public use.


  • The ZendHQ PHP extension's zeromq PUB/SUB socket endpoint is now configurable

    The zendhq.daemon_pub_uri ZendHQ PHP extension's directive can now be used to set the daemon's zeromq PUB/SUB socket uri manually. The default is to leave this directive undefined and use the uri provided by the daemon.

  • The Z-Ray token cookie max-age attribute is now configurable

    When Z-Ray is requested using the zraytok request parameter, then the ZendHQ PHP extension responds with the Set-Cookie: zraytok= max-age= response header. Consequent requests with the zraytok cookie will trigger additional Z-Ray requests without providing the zraytok request parameter.

    The value of the max-age attribute of the cookie is now configurable in the ini file and can be set to the number of seconds before the cookie expires.

    Setting this value to a value disables setting the zraytok cookie.

    Default value is 60 seconds.

  • Optimized ZendHQ PHP extension tracing functionality

    Now the ZendHQ PHP extension becomes globally disabled if all the individual tracing functions (like Z-Ray, Monitoring and Code Tracing) are disabled.

    It is still possible to use the Job Queue PHP API.

  • Optimized Code Tracing in the ZendHQ PHP extension.

    Code Tracing is now active only when requested manually or when at least one monitoring rule requires it. If Code Tracing is not requested or there are no monitoring rules with a Code Trace action, then Code Tracing stays inactive in order to improve PHP performance.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in the ZendHQ PHP extension that prevented Apache2 to reload.

    ZendHQ PHP extension has a limited number of global resources. The number of in-use resources was not reset when the PHP extension was re-initialized.

    In addition, a bug in zeromq caused worker processes to hang indefinitely in MSHUTDOWN.