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Zend PHP Certification - Exam Information

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Zend PHP Certification is an industry-wide standard that recognizes PHP expertise and is a measure of distinction that employers use to evaluate prospective employees. Join the thousands of PHP professionals who have received official certifications and be recognized for your PHP expertise.

We are currently offering theZend Certified PHP Engineer Certification based on PHP 5.5

Exam Topic Information – Items with “*” were expanded for the ZEND CERTIFIED PHP ENGINEER

    Exam Information

    PHP Basics Functions Data Format & Types
    • Syntax
    • Operators
    • Variables
    • Control Structures
    • Language Constructs and Functions
    • Namespaces *
    • Extensions
    • Config
    • Performance/bytecode caching *
    • Arguments
    • Variables
    • References
    • Returns
    • Variable Scope
    • Anonymous Functions, closures *
    • XML Basics
    • SimpleXML
    • XML Extension
    • Webservices Basics
    • SOAP
    • JSON *
    • DateTime *
    • DOMDocument
    Web Features Object Oriented Programming Security
    • Sessions
    • Forms
    • GET and POST data
    • Cookies
    • HTTP Headers
    • HTTP Authentication
    • HTTP Status Codes *

    • Files
    • Reading
    • Writing
    • File System Functions
    • Streams
    • Contexts
    • Instantiation
    • Modifiers/Inheritance
    • Interfaces
    • Exceptions
    • Autoload
    • Reflection
    • Type Hinting
    • Class Constants
    • Late Static Binding
    • Magic (_*) Methods
    • Instance Methods & Properties
    • SPL
    • Traits *
    • Configuration
    • Session Security
    • Cross-Site Scripting
    • Cross-Site Request Forgeries
    • SQL Injection
    • Remote Code Injection
    • Email Injection
    • Filter Input
    • Escape Output
    • Encryption, Hashing algorithms
    • File uploads
    • PHP Configuration
    • Password hashing API *
    Strings & Patterns Databases & SQL
    • Quoting
    • Matching
    • Extracting
    • Searching
    • Replacing
    • Formatting
    • PCRE
    • NOWDOC
    • Encodings
    • SQL
    • Joins
    • Prepared Statements
    • Transactions
    • PDO
    • Associative Arrays
    • Array Iteration
    • Array Functions
    • SPL, Objects as arrays *
    • Casting



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Customer Quote

   The ZCE certification ensures that our clients and prospects have access to first-class software development as standard, whilst allowing Magma Digital Ltd to fulfil our quality assurance programme. We like to support and encourage our developers to continue in professional and personal development by undertaking the ZCE exam.   

Jeremy CoatesManaging Director, Magma Digital

   It's a fantastic test and just preparing for it is a great experience in reacquainting (or just plain acquainting) oneself with many aspects of the language.   

Barry HughesFreshly Baked Websites

   Since I got the certification, I have received interviews in some of the biggest PHP based companies in Barcelona and I now have job as a developer in one of the big online shops, so all the study was really worth it!   

Ricard ClauPHP Developer and ZCE

    The ZCE Certification demonstrates that the development team keeps in step with the latest PHP technology. And it helps to show our customers and prospects that we have highly qualified PHP developers where it matters most of all - their critical project   

Dmitry KarpovichCEO, Oxagile

   The Zend Certification preparation alone really pushes you to get reacquainted in areas of PHP that you might not feel comfortable with, so that you do become comfortable in those areas! For anyone considering getting the Zend certification I highly recommend it, as for me it has broaden my overall knowledge of the language and I have gained recognition from employers, colleagues, friends and family.   

Chris IjoyahBuffalozoomedia