Innovate Faster with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery Services

You can dramatically accelerate developer efficiency and improve application quality by adopting continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines. 

Take the guesswork and inefficiency out of CI/CD adoption, by engaging Zend Continuous Delivery Services for:

Continuous Delivery Assessment Services

Understand your CI/CD requirements and gain specific recommendations.

CI/CD Design and Deployment Services

Quickly design and deploy a complete CI/CD pipeline based on CI/CD best practices.

Custom CI/CD Implementation Services

Get help with specific aspects of your CI/CD strategy and workflows.

Free Zend Server Plugins

Use ready-to-go plugins with third-party technologies to simplify continuous integration and more.

Pinpoint Your CI/CD Requirements with a Continuous Delivery Assessment

Understand your current CI/CD maturity level and develop a roadmap for continuous delivery based on best practices with the Zend Continuous Delivery Assessment service.

Using our continuous delivery blueprint — which includes patterns, best practices, code integrations, and software development kits — our consultants: 

  • Analyze your software delivery strategy and workflows, including maturity and effectiveness.
  • Pinpoint your CI/CD requirements.
  • Build a roadmap for implementing effective CI/CD pipelines. 

For more information about the Zend Continuous Delivery Assessment, please download the service’s datasheet.

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Speed Digital Transformation with the CI/CD Design and Deployment Service

You can rapidly implement effective CI/CD pipelines by taking advantage of the Zend CI/CD Design and Deployment service.

Working closely with your teams, our consultants will work with you to design and implement CI/CD pipelines, by: 

  • Applying an agile methodology to your application delivery process.
  • Implementing a continuous integration build pipeline, including version control and build scripts.
  • Automating test processes including unit testing and the analysis of code style and quality. 
  • Automating application packaging for target environments.
  • Automating installation and configuration processes.
  • Automating PHP-environment provisioning.

Get Help With Specific Requirements Via Custom CI/CD Implementation Services

Need help with only specific aspects of CI/CD? Get the expertise you need to meet your goals by taking advantage of Zend Custom CI/CD Implementation services. 

Our consultants partner with you to determine the services you need. For example, we often help organizations:

  • Automate specific processes such as software testing or release management.
  • Establish a PHP development practice.
  • Design a PHP runtime production environment.
  • Design guidance for new or existing applications.
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    Improve Test Coverage and Automation With Help From Our Experts

    Need to improve your test coverage? Want help writing tests for your application? Our experts bring years of expertise in writing and automating tests for existing applications.

    When you partner with Zend, we can help to:

    • Automate testing to save time and resources.
    • Improve test coverage for existing applications.
    • Create unit tests, integration tests, acceptance tests, and more.
    • Guide your team on writing additional tests during application development.

    Simplify Integrations with Zend Server Plugins

    In working with global clients on CI/CD projects, Zend consultants have partnered with third-party organizations including open source communities, to create plugins and patterns for integrations with Zend Server.

    Simplify and accelerate your adoption of CI/CD by taking advantage of these free downloads, which include:

    • Patterns for continuous integration using Zend Server and other technologies. 
    • Plugins for extending Zend Server’s management capabilities to other technologies.
    • Plugins for integrating Zend Framework with Zend Server.
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