Innovate Faster with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery Services

You can dramatically accelerate developer efficiency and improve application quality by adopting continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines. 

Take the guesswork and inefficiency out of CI/CD adoption, by engaging Zend Continuous Delivery Services for:

Continuous Delivery Assessment Services

Understand your CI/CD requirements and gain specific recommendations.

CI/CD Design and Deployment Services

Quickly design and deploy a complete CI/CD pipeline based on CI/CD best practices.

Custom CI/CD Implementation Services

Get help with specific aspects of your CI/CD strategy and workflows.

Free Zend Server Plugins

Use ready-to-go plugins with third-party technologies to simplify continuous integration and more.

Pinpoint Your CI/CD Requirements with a Continuous Delivery Assessment

Understand your current CI/CD maturity level and develop a roadmap for continuous delivery based on best practices with the Zend Continuous Delivery Assessment service.

Using our continuous delivery blueprint — which includes patterns, best practices, code integrations, and software development kits — our consultants: 

  • Analyze your software delivery strategy and workflows, including maturity and effectiveness.
  • Pinpoint your CI/CD requirements.
  • Build a roadmap for implementing effective CI/CD pipelines. 

For more information about the Zend Continuous Delivery Assessment, please download the service’s datasheet.

Image Services CICD Assessment
Image Services CICD Design Deployment

Speed Digital Transformation with the CI/CD Design and Deployment Service

You can rapidly implement effective CI/CD pipelines by taking advantage of the Zend CI/CD Design and Deployment service.

Working closely with your teams, our consultants will work with you to design and implement CI/CD pipelines, by: 

  • Applying an agile methodology to your application delivery process.
  • Implementing a continuous integration build pipeline, including version control and build scripts.
  • Automating test processes including unit testing and the analysis of code style and quality. 
  • Automating application packaging for target environments.
  • Automating installation and configuration processes.
  • Automating PHP-environment provisioning.

Get Help With Specific Requirements Via Custom CI/CD Implementation Services

Need help with only specific aspects of CI/CD? Get the expertise you need to meet your goals by taking advantage of Zend Custom CI/CD Implementation services. 

Our consultants partner with you to determine the services you need. For example, we often help organizations:

  • Automate specific processes such as software testing or release management.
  • Establish a PHP development practice.
  • Design a PHP runtime production environment.
  • Design guidance for new or existing applications.
Image Services CICD Custom Implementation

Simplify Integrations with Zend Server Plugins

In working with global clients on CI/CD projects, Zend consultants have partnered with third-party organizations including open source communities, to create plugins and patterns for integrations with Zend Server.

Simplify and accelerate your adoption of CI/CD by taking advantage of these free downloads, which include:

  • Patterns for continuous integration using Zend Server and other technologies. 
  • Plugins for extending Zend Server’s management capabilities to other technologies.
  • Plugins for integrating Zend Framework with Zend Server.
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