Do you ever wonder about what keeps PHP developers up at night? Are you curious about PHP trends in enterprise markets? Do you want to be prepared for a hyper-competitive PHP development landscape?

In our recent PHP landscape survey, we asked PHP practitioners to share their experiences in developing and deploying PHP applications. The results show the PHP ecosystem as vibrant, but not one without its share of perils.</p>

Our PHP Experts Discuss Key Findings From Our Survey

Join Zend Product Manager Matthew Weier O’Phinney and Zend Senior Solutions Consultant Erwin Earley, as they unpack the results from our 2021 PHP Landscape Report and provide their insights into the evolving trends that will shape PHP in 2021 and beyond.

Discussions will include:

  • How teams are developing and deploying their PHP applications.
  • The most popular tools and technologies used to develop in PHP.
  • Common obstacles teams encounter during development and deployment.
  • How long teams are staying on EOL PHP versions, and top barriers to upgrades
  • Key trends in PHP development and analysis on what comes next.