According to W3Tech, 80% of the world’s websites use PHP. This open source language has matured since its creation, with new tools that support emerging architectures built with microservices, containers, and asynchronization.

We are in the middle of a cycle of new innovation that has significant implications on application development. To boost competitiveness, developers should expect and prepare for big changes in how they approach projects over the next several years.

This webinar will explore findings from our recent survey of PHP programmers, including:

  • How developers are currently using PHP.
  • The evolution of the PHP environment since our 2016 PHP survey.
  • A roadmap of where PHP development is heading.

Our speakers, Maurice Kherlakian, Director of Product Management for Zend, and Zeev Suraski, Co-founder of Zend and one of the original creators of PHP, also answer questions about PHP development processes.