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March 19, 2020

Zend COVID-19 Update


As we all manage work during the COVID-19 outbreak, we want you to know that Zend by Perforce is here to help you keep business running.

Our global teams will continue to work remotely to provide all your services, including mission-critical support.

Your staff can still get the PHP and Zend Framework training they’ve signed up for by attending classes online. And we will add online classes each month going forward, so you can continue to work towards your certifications as planned.

You can rest assured that we will address security patches and bug fixes as quickly as we always have for our products, including Zend Server and ZendPHP. And we are still investing in and evolving our offerings, so that you have the enterprise-grade PHP tools and services needed to meet your evolving requirements.

If you have any questions or concerns about our offerings or managing distributed PHP development and lifecycle management, please contact us.

You can also visit this page for information about how Perforce is supporting all of its customers during this difficult time.