Magid Glove & Safety Manufacturing Company

Magid is a manufacturer and distributor of personal protective equipment based in Romeoville, Illinois. The company was founded in Chicago in 1946 by Sam Magid, Abe Cohen and Dave Cohen.

Magid started off only producing gloves and solely selling to wholesalers and distributors, but soon began expanding their product lines to sell directly to the end user. During COVID-19, the company has gone above and beyond to test and provide important personal protective gear to essential workers like first responders, nurses, doctors and federal workers.

Modernize Business Applications

The company has trusted their business on IBM i and Power Systems since System/3. 90% of their core business applications run on IBM i and POWER9, including manufacturing, finance, ordering and more.

Magid has both a POWER9 environment for production and disaster recovery using Maxava replication. They also utilize enterprise content management from IBM i ISV Real Vision Software. Recently, they have modernized their business applications by moving from traditional green screen user interfaces to intuitive GUIs in a browser-based environment using PHP and Zend Server.

Magid has also implemented ScoreStory, an analytics tool that creates simple to read and understand dashboards from Db2 for i data. ScoreStory takes traditional green screen reports and turns them into charts and graphs that executives and line of business users can gain quick and actionable insights from. ScoreStory has increased productivity for both technical and business users alike at the company, enabling faster business decisions to meet demanding client needs in the current environment. The company is gaining new insights into their Db2 for i business data.

Increase Scalability and Resiliency

Because of the pandemic, Magid has been experiencing higher than normal traffic to their website and ordering applications. With the scalability and resiliency of IBM i and POWER9, the company has been able to meet the demand and continue to deliver the exceptional products and service their customers expect. They are planning for rapid business growth this year and trust the platform to deliver. With IBM i and POWER9, Magid can continue to provide the equipment and supplies needed to keep essential workers safe and protected during COVID-19 and beyond.