Is Zend Framework Dead?

Zend Framework has transitioned to the Laminas Project — a community-supported open source continuation of Zend Framework.

Migrating to Laminas

Migrating from Zend Framework to Laminas ensures community support for your PHP application with up-to-date security patches.

What Is the Laminas Project?

Laminas is the community supported, open source continuation of Zend Framework, managed by the Linux Foundation. Developers use Laminas to accelerate and improve PHP development.

What Does Laminas Include?

The Laminas PHP framework includes all of the components originally delivered by Zend Framework, although they have new names:

  • PHP MVC framework is now called Components and MVC.
  • Apigility subproject is now called API Tools.
  • Expressive subproject is now called Mezzio.

What Does Laminas Not Include?

Because it is now owned by the Linux Foundation, the Laminas PHP framework only comes with free support from the community. However, you can get enterprise support from Zend.

Why Engage Zend for Laminas Enterprise Support?

The following table compares Laminas support from Zend and the community.

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With Zend Laminas Enterprise Support You GetWith Laminas Community Support You Get
Help from an employee who is a Laminas and PHP expert.Help from a community volunteer who may be a PHP and Laminas expert.
Rapid, responsive help from one engineer, who will meet your SLA — and be familiar with your service history.Because there is no SLA, you could wait hours or days before one or more volunteers help you resolve your issue.
Long-term support for your Laminas version, for at least five years after its initial release date.Support terms for releases are still being defined. However, the related PHP product releases are fully supported by the community for only two years after their initial release date.
Increased simplicity, flexibility, and control over your Laminas software upgrade cycles because you can safely use releases for a full five years.Less flexibility and control because you must upgrade to supported releases to get security fixes and community help with issues.
On-demand consultative support from a Laminas and PHP expert who can help you use, configure, and integrate the PHP framework and its subprojects.Guidance from a community volunteer, with unknown response times and quality.
Optional ready-to-go adapters for popular commercial products software, which are fully supported by Zend.Any adapters available as community projects are not backed by commercial support SLAs.

More Than Just
Enterprise Support

Laminas Enterprise Support by Zend is much more than just long term support.

Why Buy Laminas
Enterprise Support?

Get consultative support, critical security patches, and more with Laminas Enterprise support.

Working With EOL PHP?

Zend provides PHP LTS that can help you stay secure and supported while using EOL PHP.

Questions About Laminas?

Learn more about the Zend Framework transition to Laminas in this blog.

Ready to Migrate?

Zend can help you easily migrate from ZF to Laminas.