We encourage you to migrate as soon as you can, because at this point the Zend framework components won’t get any updates.

That includes security vulnerabilities. If any are reported against those, they will not get updated at this point. So, if you want to keep your code protected, you want to move to the Laminas components at this stage.

Migrating to Laminas

If you go to docs.laminas.dev/migration, we have a migration guide that will show you how to migrate to Laminas generally. So, the Laminas community has a migration tool that covers most of your needs at this stage.

These documents will allow you to migrate Zend Framework MVC applications, Apigility applications, and Expressive applications to the appropriate new project names. This will also help if you’re writing libraries that you’re distributing, allowing you to migrate them to the new components.

Laminas Enterprise Support by Zend

On top of that, we have our Laminas Enterprise Support offering, and part of that is that you’re able to ask us and consult us for help as you need it. If you need more help, we also have our Zend professional services offering, which can provide migration services to your team as you undertake this endeavor.

Additional Resources

The webinar below by Maatthew Weier O'Phinney gives an in-depth guide to migrating to Laminas from Zend Framework. Be sure to check it out!

Looking for additional information that can help in your migration to Laminas? The links below include resources mentioned in the video, and a few others for good measure.

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