If you are in an industry that is heavily-regulated, or if you are building mission-critical applications that simply can't go down, it will help ensure that you're getting security patches on time, and ensure that you're building your code instead of chasing new versions.

What Does Enterprise Laminas Support by Zend Include?

Zend Enterprise Laminas Support includes a number of things, including: 

1. Consultation

One is consultation, so you can come on to our forums and ask questions and get answers from an expert who can help guide you to a solution.

2. Bug Fixes and Patches

If you encounter something that you think is a bug within a Laminas component, you can come to us and we'll confirm it and get a patch in place. If we're unable to get it upstream, we will provide a workaround so you can get the benefit of a patch, without it being necessarily upstream.

3. Security Vulnerability Back-Porting

The other possibility is then for security back-porting. If we have a security vulnerability reported against Laminas, and you are on an LTS version, we will back-port that security patch back to the LTS version of that component. If we do a custom patch for you that does not make it upstream, we will be providing a repository for you to install against and ensure that you always have access to that, and that the patch is updated for you.

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