About the PHP Observability, Orchestration, and Automation Course

ZendPHP and ZendHQ are vital components in a composable architecture-based web infrastructure. ZendPHP is an enterprise level PHP package that provides long term support. ZendHQ allows you to monitor and gain insights into your PHP application’s performance.

This training covers essential aspects such as PHP installation, application monitoring, troubleshooting, container orchestration, and automation of routine tasks.

In this course you learn how to:

  • Install ZendPHP on different operating systems such as Windows, Linux and IBM i 
  • Use the ZendPHP/HQ Docker images 
  • Orchestrate ZendPHP/HQ images with other special purpose containers 
  • Deploy ZendPHP in a cloud environment 
  • Install and configure ZendHQ 
  • Use ZendHQ to: 
    -   Monitor PHP performance 
    -   Assist in application debugging 
    -   Gain insights into application functionality 
    -   Optimize database queries 
    -   Automate routine tasks 

Who Should Take This Course?

This is ideally suited for PHP developers, system administrators, and DevOps professionals who are looking to elevate their skills in managing and deploying PHP applications. It’s beneficial for those interested in leveraging the latest in PHP technology for enterprise-level projects, in environments that demand robust, scalable, and secure applications. The training is also valuable for IT professionals who implement modern DevOps practices, including automated deployment and monitoring, within their organizations.

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  • Basic knowledge of PHP
  • General knowledge of systems administration
  • Basic understanding of PHP application performance issues

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Why Take the Course?

Enrolling in this course offers profound advantages, particularly for professionals seeking mastery over PHP environments. Gaining expertise in the areas covered in this course significantly enhances your capability to deploy, manage, and scale PHP applications efficiently. It ensures that you can leverage the full power of ZendPHP for creating robust, high-performance applications while using ZendHQ to gain insights into application behavior, identify bottlenecks, and respond to issues proactively, ensuring high availability and a superior user experience. Also, understanding containerization and orchestration is indispensable in today’s cloud-centric world, as it allows for seamless application scalability, better resource utilization, and simplified deployment processes and automating repetitive tasks not only saves time but also reduces the likelihood of human error, leading to more reliable and consistent development workflows.