About the PHP Basics Module

Mastering PHP basics is crucial for new developers learning how to build dynamic web applications. You learn about essential PHP elements, and gain a solid understanding of the language's core principles. This knowledge allows you to efficiently build websites. Proficiency in PHP fundamentals opens up opportunities for career growth and supports seamless collaboration with other developers, making it an indispensable skill in today's competitive web development landscape.

In this module you will learn how to:

  • Build PHP scripts 
  • Make your code more readable
  • Define variables to give your program code maximum flexibility 
  • Use arrays to easily control lists of things important to your programs

Who Should Take This Course?

Enroll in this course if you're undergoing a professional shift, or have aspirations to become a web developer, coder, or IT specialist seeking to broaden your abilities or enter the realm of website development. This course is equally fitting for enthusiasts and business-minded individuals eager to develop and oversee their own web applications.


  • A working web development environment
  • Ability to use a basic code editor

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Why Take the Course?

Taking a course in PHP basics enables you to create dynamic, user-friendly websites that cater to diverse user needs. By mastering PHP, you can efficiently manage and process user data, enhancing the overall user experience. This course increases your marketability in the competitive web development industry, as it's a widely-used server-side scripting language. The PHP Basics course improves your problem-solving abilities by equipping you with the skills to tackle diverse web development challenges, giving you a solid foundation so that you can build robust websites.