About the PHP Unit Testing JumpStart Course

PHP unit testing is essential in software development, as it allows you to verify that each individual part of the software, or unit, performs as expected, highlighting any errors or discrepancies early in the development process. This leads to improved code quality, easier debugging, and increased confidence when you make changes or updates.

The PHP Unit Testing JumpStart course is designed to help you quickly start unit testing, including:

  • Why unit testing is important
  • What makes a good unit test.
  • How unit testing fits into the larger picture of a CI/CD infrastructure.
  • How to set up the PHP Unit testing framework to write tests.
  • Data providers, doubles, dummies, stubs, and mocks.

Who Should Take This Course?

This course is specifically designed for intermediate to senior-level developers who want to learn how to design and build better unit tests and improve the quality of their code.


A solid understanding of PHP and object-oriented programming in PHP is required to take this course.

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Why Take the Course?

A study conducted by Microsoft some years ago concluded that incorporating unit testing into your code development process can reduce the number of bugs found in production by a staggering 90%. Our PHP Unit Testing course teaches you everything you need to know to write solid tests that ensure secure high quality code. 

Proper unit testing produces dependable PHP applications that are easily maintained. Your company will also save money as more bugs are found in development and fewer appear in production. The end result is happy customers and you gain a reputation as a solid and reliable developer.