The maturity of PHP and its steady growth and dominance in web, enterprise applications, mobile and cloud application development drives the demand for highly-skilled PHP developers. The Zend Framework 2 Certified Architect is recognized by employers as an industry standard for ensuring the highest level of PHP skill and experience. This certification is created and monitored by an independent advisory board whose members contribute heavily to PHP, Zend Framework and leading open source projects. The Test Prep course is designed to prepare experienced developers who design and build PHP applications using ZF2 for passing the certification exam and achieving the status of Zend Framework 2 Certified Architect (ZFCA). Class registration includes one voucher for the Zend Framework Certification Exam.

What Will You Learn?

You will be able to prepare for the exam with the help and guidance of the live instructor and identify areas requiring further study. You will be guided through a fast pace, intense review of all major topics within the 13 certification areas of the ZF2 Certified Architect exam. You will complete several mock exams during class with the support and direction of an experienced instructor to mimic the full exam experience and prepare you in the best way to pass the certification exam.

What Will You Be Able to Achieve?

  • Know what to expect during the Zend Framework 2 Certification testing process and the exam itself.
  • Learn strategies for answering the exam questions.
  • Learn best practices for making best use of available exam time.
  • Review the 13 major topic areas of the certification exam.
  • Take numerous review quizzes in the style of the exam questions.
  • Be more prepared to pass the exam and achieve the status of Zend Framework Certified Architect (ZFCA).

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This course is designed for experienced Zend Framework 2 developers (advanced level who wish to prepare for their certification exams in the best way. Participants will be guided through a quick, intense review of the 13 exam areas. This is a Test Preparation course it does not teach the basics of ZF2 or PHP.


At least intermediate-level knowledge of the thirteen topic areas of the certification exam. It is highly recommended to complete the Zend Framework Fundamentals and Zend Framework Advanced Concepts classes or have equivalent hands-on development experience.

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    Class Format

    This class provides a series of six 3-hr instructor-led lectures utilizing a special review format for presenting the material that mimics the exam experience. The class also features practice sessions with mock exams simulating the actual certification test. You will be provided with a participant course guide, as well as the solutions to all the quizzes and mock exams.  Once you're ready to take the exam, your enrollment in this class includes the certification exam voucher. This class can be also delivered by an instructor on site.


    Classes are scheduled to meet the needs of our customers. Once you purchase a class, we will assign you to a class (based on your time zone) within 60 days of purchase.

    Next Steps

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    Registration, Terms, and Conditions

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    Class Outline

    Introduction to the Certification

    1. About the Certification and what to expect 

    Zend Framework 2 Certification Focus Areas

    1. Service Manager
    2. MVC
    3. Module Manager
    4. Event Manager
    5. Forms
    6. Security
    7. Filtering & Validation
    8. Authentication & Authorization
    9. Database
    10. Utility
    11. Web Services
    12. Performance
    13. Internationalization