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October 18, 2018

Rogue Wave’s Commitment to Zend Portfolio and the PHP Community

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It was an exciting week at ZendCon & OpenEnterprise in Las Vegas. Thanks to all who joined us in person, as well as the global community who followed along online.

Our 14th conference, the first one with the inclusion of Open Enterprise, included over 70 different sessions on diverse topics of the PHP and OSS spectrum, from containers to application servers to databases, in platforms like IBM i, and obviously the Zend Portfolio, where we showed some of the enterprise features we are working on like multiphp support and our effort to bridge the gaps between PHP and microservices.

Our Commitment Is Stronger Than Ever

As the PHP and Zend communities thrive, we want to assure the Zend community that our commitment to the Zend Portfolio and the Zend community is as strong as ever. Not only will we continue to support the full portfolio, but we’ll do so while helping the ecosystem explore new paradigms like containerization, microservices, and function as a service.

Rogue Wave is actively contributing to 50+ projects to the open source community and will continue to be an active contributor. We’ll continue to provide our courses and tutorials for our products, our PHP consulting services, as well as support.

We want to take the opportunity to thank our partners, sponsors, and growing number of customers who attended ZCOE and rely on us to support their businesses.

And last but not least, for our PHP community, we’ll continue to engage with you, listen to your feedback, and work with you to make the Zend Portfolio the best it can be.

Get in Touch

As I noted, our commitment to Zend Portfolio and the PHP community is as strong as ever. Feel free to contact us directly.

For attendees of ZendCon & OpenEnterprise, safe travels home from Las Vegas.