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July 12, 2018

What Is Software Modernization?


Modernization is a term that is widely used, especially when it comes to legacy software. Here, we break down what modernization is, including software modernization and legacy software modernization on IBM i.

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What Is Modernization?

Modernization is adapting something to modern needs.

Modernization is a broad concept. Here's how it applies to software.

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What Is Software Modernization?

Software modernization is adapting a legacy software to a modern programming language, software libraries, protocols, or hardware platforms. 


But what about legacy software modernization on IBM i? 

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What Is Legacy Software Modernization on IBM i?

Modernization on IBM i means creating new business value from existing data as well as existing applications and business logic.

Modernization can include refactoring, repurposing, or consolidating of legacy software. But modernization should be so much more than that.

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2 Goals of Legacy Software Modernization on IBM i

Modernization isn't just putting a new/fancy interface on top of existing data and business logic. Modernization on IBM i means achieving two primary goals:

  1. Extend the reach of data stores and business logic to a larger constituency.
  2. Bring efficiencies to the business.
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Benefits of Software Modernization on IBM i

One of the great benefits of modernization in the IBM i space is: expanding secure access to the crown jewels of IBM i — data!

I have had the opportunity to see first-hand the benefits that IBM i customers are gaining with the implementation of PHP on the IBM i platform.

A common goal with these implementations is to continue to leverage the benefits of IBM i and Power Systems — specifically reliability, availability, and security.

In the IBM i space, one doesn’t want to re-host their data or business logic! There is a reason why the business implemented on IBM i. And modernization should not limit or change those implementation benefits or strategies.

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How to Modernize IBM i With PHP

PHP on the IBM i platform can, and does, help with both of these modernization goals.

PHP brings to the platform a feature-rich set of language extensions for directly accessing DB2 databases. When embedded in HTML, it provides new interfaces and reach to the data.

But what about the business logic that IBM i shops have spent years developing and maintaining?

With the XML Service provided by IBM and the corresponding open source toolkit provided with PHP, that business logic can be directly invoked by PHP and given a web or API presence.

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Get Started With PHP on IBM i

Modernization with PHP can and does bring direct benefits to the enterprise. Numerous companies have replaced existing solutions, such as ERP solutions, with HTML/PHP-based solutions. It is not unusual for customers that have implemented PHP-based modernization to indicate that they have achieved efficiencies that have directly benefited the bottom line. Again, keep in mind that the structure, hosting, and security of the data does not change!

Modernization on IBM i with PHP can be easy. Zend Server for IBM i brings the power and modernization of PHP to IBM i native applications.

Zend Server for IBM i helps you modernize with:

  • Simple connectivity between IBM i and Db2 so you can make use of your existing data.
  • Support for IBM's XMLService so you can use your ILE programs and artifacts in web apps.
  • A certified PHP stack that simplifies the transition to secure, object-oriented frameworks.
  • Tools that improve and expedite debugging and performance tuning.
  • And so much more.

See for yourself how Zend Server can help you modernize IBM i.

Try Zend Server for IBM i

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