2024 PHP Landscape Report

Keeping up with PHP ecosystem trends and innovations poses a constant and significant challenge for PHP teams around the world. Ultimately teams who have access to relevant and timely data can make more informed decisions that better drive the success of their applications – and, consequently, businesses.

In our 2024 edition of the PHP Landscape Report, we dive in on the top trends, technologies, and challenges that PHP teams face today, all presented alongside expert analysis from our team of PHP experts.

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Zend PHP Landscape Report 2024

What’s Inside the 2024 PHP Landscape Report

Our 2024 PHP Landscape Report is based on a survey of the PHP ecosystem, and details how teams deploying, managing, and overseeing PHP-based applications are working with PHP today – including top pain points and forward-looking plans for development and modernization of their applications.

Download the free report today for:

  • Data and analysis on PHP version adoption, and how it varies across market segments
  • Top PHP migration paths, pain points, and how they vary by firmographic profile 
  • Details on the state of PHP security and compliance, and forward-looking strategies
  • Key shifts in PHP application deployment methodologies, including cloud strategies
  • The top technologies used in developing and managing PHP applications 
  • Noteworthy trends and movements to watch in 2024 and beyond
  • And more!
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Are you keeping pace with your peers when it comes to application security? In our report, we provide data and analysis on how PHP teams approach app security and compliance, including:

  • Overall prioritization of security efforts
  • Top tactics for creating more secure applications
  • How teams perceive their overall app security posture
  • Top compliance standards required for PHP applications
  • And more!
Zend PHP Landscape Report 2024 Spread

Discover the Most-Used Tools and Technologies for PHP Apps

In our 2024 report, we provide data and analysis on the top tools and technologies teams are using to develop, deploy, and manage their PHP applications, including:

  • Operating systems and web servers
  • Deployment technologies and cloud services
  • Container and orchestration technologies
  • And more!
Zend PHP Landscape Report 2024 Spread

Dig Deeper With Our Recorded Webinar

Looking for additional insights and analysis on our 2024 report? Listen in and watch as Zend Senior Product Manager Matthew Weier O’Phinney discusses key findings from the report, drills in on specific areas that need close attention from PHP teams, and explains emerging trends surrounding PHP version adoption, migration, and more.

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