In this short video,Zend Principal Engineer and PHP expert Matthew Weier O’Phinney outlines long-term support for Laminas by Zend.

Is Laminas Enterprise Support Just LTS?

Laminas Enterprise Support by Zend is not just the long term support offering, it’s the ability to consult with us when you have questions about migration, how to integrate a component within your application, or even to determine if something is a bug or not so you can escalate that and make sure the bug gets repaired and packaged into the application.

About the Support Process

I’m actually part of the team there, so I have intimate knowledge of how the Laminas project works, and the ability to process these patches upstream as well as into our long term support offering.

So, when you are engaging with Zend for these support questions, you’re also engaging with experts actively involved within the Laminas community that can help get these patches through, or discuss them with other contributors and maintainers in the community so they understand the importance and can even be consulted in how we do the solution for you.

Service-Level Agreements

So we have the same SLAs as we have for all of our Zend products, which includes for the highest tier, a response time of one hour, and a workaround time of around three days. So, depending on your needs, take a look at our support offerings and see if they’re something that would improve your ability to deliver value.

Laminas Enterprise Support Fee

The Laminas Support offering is a flat rate that covers everything from asking questions and getting migration support, to LTS releases, to patches and custom bug fixes that we help maintain and provide to you. So the one fee is going to provide you all of those things.

Additional Resources

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