Zend Server 2019 - Release Notes  

Introducing Zend Server 2019

Read all about our Zend Server 2019 features and capabilities in the What’s New Page.

Bundled PHP

Zend Server 2019 now includes multiple versions of PHP:


For detailed installation instructions for all supported operating systems, please refer to the Zend Server 2019 Installation Guide.

Click here for specific IBM i notes.


When upgrading from previously installed (and supported) version of Zend Server, Zend Server 2019 will automatically set the active version of PHP to correspond to the version of PHP that you’ve upgraded from:

Upgrades from Zend Server 9.0.X and earlier versions and not supported.

Note:  When upgrading from a previous installation, the PHP configuration settings (php.ini) will only be migrated for the active PHP version.  If you later change the version of PHP in the Zend Server 2019 UI - you will need to reconfigure any changes you may have made to also apply for this new version.

Limitations and Known Issues

The following issues are known at the time of the Zend Server 2019 release:


Previous version:
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IBM i Specific Release Notes