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Z-Ray is a revolutionary new addition to a PHP developer's toolkit.  It displays all the under-the-hood details of a page request, across all the PHP scripts involved in building the page. Z-Ray is injected into the response coming from your PHP app and shown right in the browser you're using for development: you get vastly greater insight without changing your development workflow. The PHP debug capabilities of Z-ray is unlike anything you've ever seen.

Z-Ray is available with Zend Server 



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Overview of PHP Debug Features

Z-Ray is the only PHP debugging solution that provides:

  • Under-the-hood PHP debug capabilities
  • Page request details for all scripts involved
  • Mobile and Web Services debugging capabilities
  • Live Support functionality to troubleshoot user problems in real time
  • Application support for WordPress, Drupal, and Magento
  • Framework support for Zend Framework, Symfony and Laravel
  • Custom app and framework support via Z-Ray extensibility API
  • Production snapshots
  • All information shown inside your browser




Framework specific information and Community-Driven Plugins

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Get insight into Magento Blocks, Events, Handlers, Requests and more

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Get insight into Drupal Functions, Modules, Blocks and more

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 Get insight into WordPress Cache Objecs, Crons, Plugins and more

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Get insight into Zend Framework Config, Events, Modules and more

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Get insight into Laravel Events, Sessions, Routes and more

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Or, build your own app-specific extension with the Z-Ray Extensibility API! Watch Video

The new Zend Gallery aggregates and organizes all Z-Ray extensions and Zend Server plugins in an easy-to-use interface. The latest release introduces new plugins for Joomla, Doctrine2, Redis, OPcache, MariaDB, and LoS Modules! 

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Debug. Optimize. Monitor.

Page Requests

Inspect the requests sent from your page to the webserver, view their response, method, path and the time they took. 


Errors and Warnings

Analyze information related to errors generated during the page request by PHP itself or by its core functions. 


Monitor Events

Review the list of events triggered by a request, alerting you about PHP-errors, high memory usage, slow request execution and more.


Database Queries

Get all the information related to SQL queries executed by the page request including result of the query, execution time and more.


Mobile and API Debugging

With Z-Ray live you can easily debug mobile and web services requests originating from a browser, mobile device or machine-to-machine communications.

The Z-Ray panel displays all the critical information related to any request that can be analysed to efficiently identify the weak spots in your PHP code.

Z-Ray has been further improved and now allows you to look into traces of past requests using the new Z-Ray History page. You can also analyze CLI calls.



Production Snapshots of URLs

Zend Server collects and presents information on some of the most interesting URLs on your Web server, giving you strong insight on critical URLs, such as the slowest, poorest performing, and most popular URLs.  Full Z-Ray snapshots for these URLs provides you with game-changing PHP Debug capabilities and unprecedented insight into what real-world requests look like, coming from real users.

Support for Application end-users

The Live Support functionality makes it easier to troubleshoot problems with live end-users in real time, addressing issues that are not otherwise visible or reproducible. A specific user’s session can be Z-Ray enabled, tracked and analyzed without exposing any sensitive information. The combination of these two features allows developers to get deep insights into a specific user’s requests without affecting the overall server performance and without disclosing sensitive information.



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