Zend Studio – the PHP IDE for smarter development

With 3X faster performance, Zend Studio allows you to code faster, debug more easily, and take advantage of the massive performance gains in PHP 7. This is the next-generation PHP IDE designed to create high-quality PHP apps while boosting developers’ productivity.  It automatically scales according to the DPI settings of the underlying operating system, and supports HiDPi displays.

Why Zend Studio?

  • Code faster with up to 3X performance improvements in indexing, validation, searching of PHP code
  • Superior PHP 7.1 support, PHP 7.1 express migration assistant, and seamless integration with Zend Server 9
  • Robust debugging capabilities with Xdebug, Zend Debugger, and Z-Ray integration
  • Extensive plugin capabilities provided by the large Eclipse eco-system
  • Support for best-in-class dev tools including Docker and Git Flow
  • Intelligent code editor
  • Deploy PHP applications on any server including cloud support for Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure
  • Support for HiDPi displays - scale graphics (ala 4K resolution)

Note: Zend Studio does not support Zend Server 2018


Zend Studio features overview

Get up and running fast with wizards, additional plug-ins, tutorials and videos.

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What’s new in Zend Studio 13.6

The latest Zend Studio release supports PHP 7.1 and all its improvements to the language. Zend Studio 13.6 features advancements in the Composer and JavaScript tooling, allowing you to create a new PHP project from a composer package or take advantage of the Eclipse Web Tools Platform. It also brings support for HiDPi displays and automatically scales according to the existing DPI settings.


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Developer quotes

Zend Studio is everything you need to work with if you manage web and mobile applications written in PHP. Zend Studio is awesome when it comes to prototyping, developing, testing, debugging and running your critical PHP apps. If you develop mobile apps, Zend Studio handles both server and client side for you. A real time saver! I enjoy the wizards, which help to configure my cloud instances access and the Composer single click dependencies installation. My favorite? Git/Gihub support! I also use YAML, and although Studio does not support it natively, there’s an Eclipse plug-in for that!


Julien Guittard, Lead Developer, Luxembourg



Commercial Use

Zend Studio Perpetual License with 1 year of free upgrades and support for professional developers and businesses


$139.00 (In-term Renewal)

Personal Use

Zend Studio Perpetual License with 1 year of free upgrades for individual developers or personal use



PHP Developer Suite

The Complete Solution to your dev needs!
The Suite includes: Zend Studio, Z-Ray, Zend Server, and Zend Guard



For more information: check out the comparison of different license options which includes information on requests for Open Source Projects & Classrooms, please view the License Comparison Chart