PHP 7 will be the latest version of PHP

Are you looking for the latest status, news, articles, features on PHP 6 or updates about the newest version after PHP 5.X? After a long voting process by the community, the name for the next major PHP version has been finalized! The winning proposal is to call the latest major version PHP 7. So here's the top 5 things you must know about PHP 7!


Things about the latest PHP


The latest PHP version will be released later this year

The PHP 7 Timeline RFC was approved in a near unanimous vote, and aims to release PHP 7 in October 2015. Even if it’s delayed a bit, we’re still likely to see it before the year is out!!

The final feature set for PHP 7 is almost completely finalized, and will officially close by the end of March.

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PHP Space Ships

PHP 7 will introduce a new operator <=> conveniently similar to a TIE fighter and dubbed the Spaceship Operator. It can be used for combined comparisons – mostly when dealing with sorting.

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Return Type Declarations & Scalar Type Hints

PHP 7 will allow developers to declare what kind of return type a function is expected to have – similar to argument Type Hints.

In addition, argument type hints and the new return-type declarations now support new scalar types, allowing developers to denote that they’re expecting strings, floats, ints or bools to be passed or returned.

PHP 7 Performance

PHP 7 is based on the PHPNG project (PHP Next-Gen), that was led by Zend to speed up PHP applications.

The performance gains realized from PHP 7 are huge! They vary between 25% and 70% on real-world apps, and all of that just from upgrading PHP, without having to change a single line of code!

PHP 7 is 2X faster

Since PHPNG was open sourced and later merged into PHP 7, its performance more than doubled in many cases, and we’re continuing to improve it all the time.

To put things in perspective – when PHPNG was published, the WordPress homepage required approx. 9.4 billion CPU instructions to execute.  As of now – it requires only 2.6 billion – that’s 72% less!



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