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From modernizing legacy applications while leveraging your existing business logic to creating new mobile and web-based applications on IBM i, Zend's solutions for IBM i are designed to help you leverage the power of the IBM i platform to develop, deploy and manage modern mobile and web applications.

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Minimize the risk and cost of modernizing

While applications running on the IBM i platform tend to be rock solid from a business perspective, today's users require modern mobile and web interfaces. Because rewriting these applications from scratch represents significant risk, Zend and IBM have partnered to enable the ability to provide rich front ends while retaining business logic in RPG and data in DB2.

Access existing data and applications via mobile app, web browser or web services
Zend Server for IBM i provides an end-to-end PHP stack that delivers a seamless experience running mobile and web-based application workloads natively on the IBM i. It includes all the drivers, libraries and support to enable PHP programs to securely access IBM i data and resources.

Leverage your RPG/COBOL programmers to develop modern web applications

RPG developers are one of your most valuable assets. They understand your business needs and know your applications business logic. Zend provides tools and services that make it simple to quickly ramp up IBM i developers to full productivity with PHP. Zend Studio, the award-winning PHP IDE (integrated development environment), is the most efficient way to write PHP code that works with IBM i applications. Zend’s industry standard training and certification programs equip IBM i development teams with the knowledge they need to work with PHP. And the Zend Smart Start offered by the Zend Professional Services team can provide hands-on help to a team getting started with their first PHP–based mobile or web application project.

Deploy popular packaged applications
In addition to developing your own web applications with PHP, there are thousands of popular PHP based packaged applications like Wordpress, SugarCRM, Drupal, and Joomla that can be deployed natively on the IBM i. To support the deployment of these applications on the IBM i platform, IBM and Zend have partnered to provide Zend DBi, built from the same open source code as the popular MySQL database, which allows seamless use of these highly popular applications for content management, e-commerce, and many other functions.

Accelerate your application release cycle

Zend's solutions for IBM i enable you to develop applications more iteratively, detect and resolve production issues more efficiently and deploy applications successfully, reducing your time-to-market.

Develop application faster and more iteratively
Zend Studio and Zend Server together provide a powerful visual environment where a developer can simultaneously create and associate the front end of a web or mobile application and back-end web service APIs that run on Zend Server and link to existing IBM i business logic. This streamlines the process of creating, testing and deploying new web services based applications.

Resolve production issues more efficiently
Zend Server enables effortless problem resolution so you can focus more on building new features rather than attempting to debug applications running in production. Zend Server and Studio provide advanced deployment and debugging capabilities for web services based apps. Don’t waste time attempting to reproduce production issues: you can see the code execution flow from the actual execution request when things go wrong, even after the fact.

Deploy applications successfully
Zend Server provides an automated application deployment mechanism that packages everything you need to successfully install your application: source code, metadata, and scripts for rapid and consistent deployment via wizard or API. You can integrate this deployment approach with your Continuous Integration system and experience true operational agility.

Improve success with Zend Services
Zend's Professional Services team gives you the peace of mind of knowing your application has been thoroughly evaluated for best practices when it comes to performance, security, and architecture. Zend also offers custom consulting as well as PHP training and certification.


IBM and Zend Deliver PHP for IBM i