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Zend Support services allow you to develop, deploy and manage your PHP applications with confidence. As part of that commitment Zend provides Long-Term Support for the open-source PHP runtime for more than 5 years after the release of a major PHP version (for instance PHP 5.3). This allows stable business applications to have a longer usable lifespan and increases the flexibility for IT organizations in deciding on a migration strategy. PHP Long-Term Support is provided via subscription to Zend Server.

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Production Server Support
provides you with fast response to problems in your production environment, with up to 24x7 phone support. Different support levels are available, based on the edition of Zend Server.

Learn more about the Production Server Support Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Developer Support helps you overcome technical issues with both your IDE and your runtime evironment during the development stage. Basic, Standard and Enterprise levels are offered.

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