56 min | English April 22, 2014

Implementing Agile practices with Scrum or XP is difficult enough: imagine if you wanted to automate your software builds, run different kinds of tests, and automatically deploy code for business acceptance. In this webinar, we’ll cover how one of our development groups engineered a Continuous Delivery process from scratch, and what guidelines they used as we incrementally put the parts together. Find out how we adapted two versions of Zend Server (5.x and 6.x) to the pipeline process, what different types of tests are running and the compromises we had to make to ensure good developer productivity. Finally, we’ll cover how a virtual machine infrastructure was adapted for the pipeline, and how we are investigating the use of Puppet and Packer.io to scale the pipeline on a cloud like Amazon Web Services.

Presenters: Luis Colón, Director of Enterprise Architecture at CDS Global & Joshua Solomin, Director Product Marketing at Zend Technologies