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Consist Case Study


Consist has over 35 years of experience of deploying mission-critical IT solutions for some of the largest companies and public-sector organizations. Among its broad product line, Consist Israel offers PHP-based business solutions for Content Management, Business Process Management, e-Learning and Social Networking software. Customers rely on Consist’s extensive experience to create a stable and supportable IT infrastructure for their turnkey solutions. Consist sees the open-source stack as a strategic branding benefit, supporting the firm’s reputation for creative, open-minded solutions and multi-platform flexibility, along with proven support, optimization and performance enhancements.

Consist delivers on its reputation without the need to dedicate resources for managing open-source software distributions and builds.

The Challenge

Consist began planning for their migration from PHP4 to PHP5, which coincided with new architecture development for their Content Management product, and they saw a perfect opportunity to adopt a supported PHP5 distribution.

“We have many open-source platform experts on our team. But the more time that they spend on managing distributions, the less time they have to focus on product life cycle development.”

Anat Emergy Distelman Development Manager, Consist Systems

The Solution: Zend Core

Consist evaluated open-source products that could enhance stability and ease of management, while achieving their dual objectives of new architecture implementation and PHP version migration. Their evaluation quickly brought them to Zend Core. Using Zend Core, Consist was able to meet its long-term infrastructure goals: a trustworthy PHP distribution with a long-term commitment to development and stability that provided.

  • Timely security updates
  • A single PHP foundation across development, staging, and production environments
  • Reduction of maintenance costs to only 6 days per year
  • On-call support

Future Directions

Following their successful adoption of Zend Core, Consist is now looking to implement Zend Framework, as it realizes the benefits of relying on existing Zend products for core services and concentrating its own resources on developing leading business solutions.

“We view Zend Framework’s software libraries in the same light as Zend Core: code that is easy to deploy, has a long-term commitment for support from Zend and future development, and the net result is less overhead for my staff.”

Anat Emergy Distelman Development Manager, Consist Systems