Latest Apigility Release Underscores API-First App Design

Late last year, ProgrammableWeb reported that Zend, the PHP company, launched a new open source project named Apigility. This project makes it possible to quickly and easily create high-quality APIs that reflect industry best practices and standards. Zend has now announced a new version of Apigility which includes new features and improvements allowing users to create APIs with RPC and REST services, authentication, documentation, and much more.

...Apigility provides an easy to use web-based admin interface which allows developers at all levels of API building experience to create quality APIs quickly and easily.

When you start to create a web API service you need to consider many things, such as the error handling, the content negotiation, the versioning, the authentication, the validation, and last but not least the documentation. Apigility offers to developers all that they need in order to develop a full stack API, even the deployment on a production environment. Using Apigility, developers can design and build APIs in minutes, instead of days.

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