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Zend Framework Downloads

Download Zend Framework through Zend's high-speed content distribution network (CDN).

The Zend Framework full package contains all unit tests, demos, documentation, and the Dojo Toolkit, while the minimal package contains only components in the Zend Framework Standard Library.  For those who are unsure which distribution to download, we recommend the full package.

Looking for a PHP stack w/ ZF library management?

Download the Zend Server Free Edition.

Product Version Format/Size Notes MD5 Checksum
Zend Framework 2.3 full (recommended) 2.3.0 (ZIP) 3.16 MB Learn more 61b4e684d02af74ca035f260f2ee0d0c
Zend Framework 1.12 full (recommended) 1.12.5 (ZIP) 32.89 MB Learn more bdeef808d7e3ca609238747e50b9acb7
Zend Framework 1.12 minimal 1.12.5 (ZIP) 10.63 MB Learn more 392cb760f16260601c67d829b225840f
ZF Certification Study Guide v1 (PDF) 2.56 MB Learn more 29a462100a0b881c0232b6ddffb71eba