Oracle and Zend have a long-standing commitment to the PHP community, with a history of collaboration that has ensured integration between Oracle and Zend’s PHP solutions. Oracle Database, Application Server and JDeveloper tool, with a PHP extension, all support PHP development. A sizeable percent of Zend customers use Oracle Database infrastructure to develop and deploy enterprise PHP applications.

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Oracle Enterprise Linux and Zend Server: High Reliability and Performance

Oracle and Zend deliver a reliable, high performance Linux and PHP environment for running business-critical Web applications.

  • Oracle customers can easily install and update Zend Server from Oracle Unbreakable Linux Network (ULN) through standard, native RPM package delivery (
  • Zend Server includes out-of-the-box connectivity to Oracle Database, minimizing the time required for set up
  • Full support for applications and production environments running on Oracle Enterprise Linux and Zend Server is available via Oracle (for Oracle Enterprise Linux) and Zend (for Zend Server)

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