It's not really a question of rather you would use Laminas over other frameworks, it's whether or not you would use Laminas in addition to other frameworks.

The unique thing about Laminas is that it's not just a monolithic framework that provides the entire stack of everything you want. All of those are individual components that you can install -- and they have minimal dependencies.

You can use laminas-feed in your Laravel application, or you can use laminas-filter in your Symfony application, or you can use laminas-paginator in your GUI application. That's the beauty of Laminas itself -- everything is a component and everything can be used by itself in isolation.

Laminas Enterprise Security and Maintainability 

The other part of the answer is that Laminas targets enterprise. That means we are looking at things like security -- which one of the first and foremost things when we write our code. We are looking at things like maintainability to make sure that our code is going to be able to update and upgrade in ways that will allow you to update your code without breaking it.

Those are pieces that are core to what we believe as framework authors, and why we feel that Laminas is a great solution for you regardless of which PHP application you're writing.

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