Who Should Take This Course?

This course is designed for developers with at least three years of PHP experience. Students must have a strong understanding of PHP and object-oriented development in PHP. Interested students with less experience should first take the PHP Foundation and PHP OOP courses.


Before taking this course you should have equivalent knowledge of:

  • Quotes and comments
  • Data types
  • Operators
  • Constants and variables
  • Arrays
  • Conditional and looping constructs
  • Functions
  • PHP/HTML integration
  • Object-oriented programming

Why Take the Course?

Having a good understanding of PHP fundamentals and OOP is enough to launch a career as a web developer. However, in order to advance your career to the highest level you need a firm grasp of associated advanced technologies and techniques. 

With a firm understanding of PHP customization, the Standard PHP Library (SPL), software design patterns, middleware, REST APIs, asynchronous programming, extensions, the Foreign Functions Interface (FFI), version control, and automated CI/CD deployment, nothing can stop you from advancing to the top levels of your profession. Don’t wait – get trained today!