CONFTEC Uses Zend to Custom-Build Agile Retail Solutions

Manages 47,000 orders annually with Zend Server

CUPERTINO, Calif.—May 07, 2013—Zend, the PHP Company, has announced that CONFTEC GmbH, an independent software vendor (ISV) that manages 47,000 retail orders per year in nine countries, used Zend Studio and Zend Server to build robust, mission-critical retail- and ERP applications from the ground up. A specialist for the European jewelry industry, CONFTEC enables retailers to customize and produce jewelry from inside of the company’s web applications. 

“Flexibility and functionality were important reasons for initially adopting PHP and Zend,” said Frederik Glücks, Managing Director of CONFTEC. “The great PHP community and integration with MySQL were additional reasons. By using Zend Studio and Zend Server for our constantly evolving applications, we’ve been able to gain better control over our applications while saving time and ensuring quality.” 

With the CONFTEC product configurator, jewelry sites’ end users can designate a range of features for their rings, from width to stone setting, and instantly view an image of their customized ring. CONFTEC runs the entire sales cycle of each ring, from configuration to production, inside of its web applications. In addition to its cutting-edge product configurator, the firm is known for developing innovative features and optimizing workflows for customers in minimal time.

The Zend Backbone

Zend provided CONFTEC with the tools it needed in order to custom-build the online retail platform, while also enabling quick development and ongoing innovation within the platform. With Zend Server’s code tracing and detailed error messages, CONFTEC can diagnose potential issues early to avoid slow performance and system crashes, contributing to a better user experience. In addition to Zend Server, the company employs Zend Studio Integrated Development Environment for its extensive feature set. Zend Studio and Zend Server have enabled the company to gain more control over their applications while saving time. 

“You could say that we are always in all stages of the application development process, because we’re always developing new features or improve existing modules,” said Glücks. “Zend Server’s detailed error messages and code tracing give us a better understanding of how software is performing and catch problems before they arise, avoiding slow performance or system crashes. This is a great benefit to our company, clients and end users. I would say we already have achieved our return on investment with Zend.”

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Based in Bad Homburg, Germany, CONFTEC is an independent software vendor (ISV) responsible for the software development and IT infrastructure management of major EU jewelry retailers, including 123Gold, Germany’s leading wedding ring provider. CONFTEC’s applications are currently in use in more than nine countries. The system manages 47,000 orders per year with a total annual turnover of 55 million euros. 

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