Zend announces availability of Zend Server on Google Cloud Platform

Leverage a developer-friendly cloud environment with Google-sized scale

Louisville, CO -- October 20, 2015 -  Zend Technologies, the PHP company, part of Rogue Wave Software, today announced that Zend Server 8.5, its newest leading professional PHP distribution offering, is now available on Google Cloud Platform. Leveraging the simplicity of Google Cloud Launcher with the sophistication of Google Cloud Platform, developers now have fast and affordable access to an enterprise-class compute environment.

"Zend Server on Google Cloud Platform will allow PHP developers to produce enterprise-grade applications in the very epicenter of disruption -- the cloud," said Andi Gutmans, Rogue Wave executive VP, strategic partnerships and Zend co-founder. "Our work with Google Cloud Platform gives developers the ammunition they need to create the quality, forward-looking applications businesses require to thrive."

Zend Server is available from Google Cloud Launcher, which lets developers easily deploy Zend Server with just a few clicks. First-time users of Google Cloud Platform qualify for up to $300 in credits that they can use toward the first 60 days of cloud usage.  

“With Zend Server costing less than $1 per day, the Google Cloud Platform credits can provide a meaningful jumpstart to developers building business applications,” says Amy Anderson, Zend director of business development. “We’re eager to enable the innovation that’s possible with this environment.”

Zend’s initial offering on Google Cloud Platform is Zend Server 8.5 Developer Edition. Designed to provide the features of a production environment at a developer-friendly price, this edition includes the latest Z-Ray plugins and extensions. Version 8.5 features the growing gallery of community-driven add-ons and brings a new ecosystem of innovation around Z-Ray and Zend Server to Google Cloud Platform.

Z-Ray provides unrivaled visibility into application performance. The new Zend Gallery delivers unlimited extensibility and innovation to an active community of developers, giving them broader insights into the PHP application and framework as well as the infrastructure underneath the application.

Zend Server 8.5 new features include:

  • Live support functionality to troubleshoot end-user issues in real time
  • Redesigned UI for a superior user experience
  • App and framework specific built-in routing support
  • New Xdebug support
  • Notifications about the environment displayed directly in Z-Ray
  • Improved performance and lower memory consumption
  • Increased granularity control of the data collected by Z-Ray
  • New plugins display with multiple panels now consolidated under one top-level panel
  • New capability to perform server-side actions from Z-Ray
  • Multiple queues management

Zend Server 8.5 Developer Edition is available preinstalled on Google Cloud Platform today.

About Zend Server

Zend Server is one of the most-complete professional PHP distributions with advanced value-add capabilities. Zend Server includes more than 80 tested PHP extensions and has added features designed to optimize productivity, performance, scalability, and reliability. Enterprise-grade capabilities include built-in job queue, caching management, monitoring and root cause analysis, optimal scalability and reliability with H/A session clustering, multi-server management, unmatched DevOps features, and now a new open gallery. The new Zend Gallery includes a fast-growing number of plugins and extensions, many contributed by the PHP community.

Zend Server supports any and all PHP code; any code you have in PHP will run on Zend Server. Learn more about Zend Server at: www.zend.com/en/products/zend_server

About Zend Technologies

Zend, the PHP company, part of Rogue Wave Software, was founded by the co-authors of PHP and continues as a dominant entity behind PHP, with open source contributions such as Zend Framework, Apigility and most recently, PHPNG, the engine of PHP 7. Zend is also the leading provider of enterprise-grade PHP solutions and support for development leaders, DevOps and developers. Our customers use Zend Server with Z-Ray, Zend Studio and Zend Guard to improve application performance and quality, speed up their release cycles and mitigate risk. We let you focus on innovation rather than using cycles to manage the stack and troubleshoot issues. Join Zend leading customers such as BNP Paribas, Best Buy, GE, Prada and other leading brands worldwide. Visit us at www.zend.com.

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