Zend Builds on Relationship with Amazon Web Services, Makes Zend Application Fabric Available Through AWS Marketplace

Zend’s leading cloud application platform, now available on a pay- as -you -go basis,  offers unique advantages to businesses that need rapid scalability

Cupertino, CA,--April 19, 2012—Zend, the PHP Company, today announced that  Zend Application Fabric, the industry-leading, enterprise-ready Platform as a Service (PaaS) for PHP apps, is now available on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. With the addition of Zend Application Fabric, businesses can deploy and run their PHP apps on the AWS cloud with a high level of reliability, performance and security, while being able to pay for capacity by the hour and receive a single bill from Amazon for all of their software usage.

With Zend Application Fabric, enterprises can harness the agility of PHP to quickly and cost-effectively deliver quality web applications on the AWS cloud. Zend Application Fabric benefits PHP applications by providing a dependable, scalable runtime environment. It also provides  application monitoring and built-in diagnostics that let developers quickly identify and troubleshoot issues without spending time guessing at root cause and attempting to recreate production problems, and comes with full support from Zend, the PHP Company. 

The Zend Application Fabric is based on Zend Server technology, which already powers thousands of web applications, and is deployed at thousands of companies around the world.

“We are pleased Zend is making Zend Application Fabric available on AWS Marketplace, optimizing the PHP  user experience for the cloud,”said Terry Hanold, Vice President of New Business Initiatives, Amazon Web Services. “Providing the  Zend Application Fabric on AWS Marketplace enables enterprises to run PHP applications on the scalable, secure, pay-as-you-go AWS platform making it even easier to use PHP in the cloud.”

“Zend Application Fabric enables developers to confidently deploy fast, elastic and dependable PHP applications,” said Zend CEO Andi Gutmans. “AWS Marketplace makes it simple for our customers to access Zend on the AWS cloud and pay only for the infrastructure needed to run their applications.  By providing customers a single invoice for combined software and server capacity, businesses can operate more effectively than ever before.”

Zend Application Fabric and AWS Marketplace: Performance Meets Simplicity 
Zend Application Fabric provides an open, elastic platform for business-critical PHP applications. Through auto-scaling, Zend Application Fabric enables high levels of performance, even at times of variable and unpredictable demand.

The AWS Marketplace makes Zend Application Fabric accessible to users in a convenient setting. Users can quickly scale their applications in AWS’ proven cloud environment on a pay-as –you-go basis. Amazon’s 1-Click deployment enables users to spin up applications running on their own Amazon EC2 servers in moments and scale up or down on demand.  

 “We need to know that our architecture will handle sudden changes in capacity,” said Michael Speicher, CEO of Mediaspike. “Because of Zend’s offerings, along with cloud management capabilities from RightScale, we were able to build a much more robust system than we ever had before. We are happy that Zend is making it even easier to purchase their software through the AWS Marketplace. Things that used to be a problem, like slow response times and expensive server investments, aren’t even a factor anymore.”

Mediaspike is a leading provider of high-quality education leads to online colleges and universities offering accredited degree programs.

More information about the Zend Application Fabric can be found at www.phpcloud.com, where Zend also offers the Zend Developer Cloud, a free service that can be used to develop PHP applications.  With today’s announcement, the AWS cloud now makes it even easier to deploy and monitor these applications once developed.

About Zend Technologies

Zend is a partner to business for the rapid delivery of modern apps across mobile and cloud. We are the leading provider of software and services for developing, deploying and managing business-critical applications in PHP, which runs more than one-third of the world’s Web sites. Zend’s industry-leading PHP solutions, including Zend Server and Zend Studio, are deployed at more than 40,000 companies worldwide, providing a comprehensive solution for the entire application lifecycle. Learn more at www.zend.com.

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