Zend Celebrates With the PHP Community the Release of PHP 7

Revamped and optimized engine delivers faster response times, superior memory usage, and the ability to serve more users

Zend, a Rogue Wave company is excited to share in the release of the accelerated programming language PHP 7. After spending most of 2015 preparing for the new release, it's now available to the general public. Zend and several Zend employees have been heavily involved in PHP from the beginning, and are proud to contribute to another great improvement.

“With this release we essentially started from scratch,” said Zeev Suraski, co-founder of Zend and CTO at Rogue Wave. “We knew we had to do something big with PHP – and PHP 7 brings dramatic performance improvements that web developers around the world crave.”

According to Taylor Otwell, founder of Laravel, “PHP 7 is a landmark achievement in the history of PHP and one of the most exciting moments in my career as a web developer. When the language that powers the majority of the web doubles in speed, it's something to get excited about.”

In addition to the performance improvements of PHP 7, the Zend team has been working hard to make it easier for programmers to develop, debug, monitor, and deploy modern web and mobile apps in PHP 7. The Zend Server PHP 7 tech preview is the most comprehensive PHP 7 stack currently available. Developers will be able to use Z-Ray, the new debugging and productivity tool, on PHP 7 code.

To accelerate the migration to PHP 7, Zend offers PHP 7 jumpstart training classes so developers can get a full understanding of the new advanced capabilities in PHP 7. The classes will allow developers to plan and stay ahead of the competition, as well as get familiar with the advantages and performances gains that PHP 7 offers.

To learn more about getting started, migrating to PHP 7, setting up a PHP 7 environment, and more, visit the Zend Developer Zone. Then download and explore the Zend Server PHP 7 tech preview, and see the complete list of updates at php.net.

About Zend

Zend, the PHP company, part of Rogue Wave Software, was founded by the co-authors of PHP and continues as a dominant entity behind PHP, with open source contributions such as Zend Framework, Apigility, and most recently, PHPNG, the engine of PHP 7. Zend is also the leading provider of commercial PHP solutions and support for development leaders, DevOps, and developers. Customers use Zend Server with Z-Ray, Zend Studio, and Zend Guard to improve application performance and quality, speed up their release cycles, and mitigate risk. Visit www.zend.com.

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