Zend Studio 10.5: Zend Announces New Version of Award-Winning IDE

New Version Boosts Performance by 2x, Adds New Tooling

Cupertino, Calif..— November 7, 2013 – Zend, the PHP Company, today announced the general availability of the newest version of Zend Studio, the award-winning integrated development environment (IDE). Zend Studio 10.5 analyzes projects up to twice as fast as previous versions of the IDE and has the most popular PHP tools for dependency management, testing and documentation already pre-integrated. Zend Studio can prove indispensable in helping developers tackle web and mobile application projects more rapidly.

“We focused on providing a simple and efficient experience for the most common day-to-day development tasks”, said Natalia Bartol, Zend Studio Team Leader. “Zend Studio 10.5 will validate and analyze your code on the fly and guide you through how to use new APIs, frameworks and libraries via intuitive content assist. It integrates and leverages popular tools like Composer and PHPDocumentor to support the full development cycle for PHP projects.”

In addition to significant performance and responsiveness improvements Zend Studio 10.5 also includes:

Enhanced dependency management 

Rewritten Composer support with improved reliability lets developers use their favorite features from different PHP frameworks in one project without the hassle of managing dependencies. After declaring dependencies within a configuration file, developers run a single command to immediately pull those dependencies into a project. It is easy to browse, add, remove and update project dependencies as well as manage repositories.

Improved unit testing 

Zend Studio 10.5 helps developers produce more reliable code thanks to an updated version of the PHPUnit library (PHPUnit 3.7) and improved workflows for running unit tests.

Effortless generation of code documentation 

The new Zend Studio makes it easy to create comprehensive code documentation using PHPDocumentor 2. In addition to php doc blocks generation, transparent installation and easy execution of PHPDocumentor directly from the IDE, it also lets developers define, select and switch between different configuration profiles.

Improved web-mobile app development 

PHP developers can re-use their skills and easily start developing web mobile applications. Zend Studio 10.5 ships with an upgraded version of Apache Cordova (a platform for building native mobile applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript) that enables generation of native client-side apps for multiple platforms, as well as easy testing and maintenance of mobile projects. In addition to better performance, this new lightweight version of Apache Cordova provides support for native Windows Phone 8 apps. The new version of Zend Studio’s mobile drag & drop UI editor provides new components, a better experience for working with html files, and changes user interface prototyping from dull to fun.

Team collaboration with Git and GitHub 

Git integration has been enhanced and is now included by default in Zend Studio. Zend is dedicated to having users play an active role in the evolution of Zend Studio. Starting with Studio 10.5, Zend has been providing early access to releases, and will continue to provide early access to future versions. Zend welcomes feedback and bug reports to help us continue to meet our goal of making Zend Studio the best PHP development experience.

About Zend Technologies 
Zend partners with businesses to rapidly deliver modern apps across mobile and cloud. Zend helped establish the PHP language, which today powers over 200 million applications and web sites. Zend’s flagship offering, Zend Server, is the leading Application Platform for developing, deploying and managing business-critical applications in PHP. Zend solutions are deployed at more than 40,000 companies, including NYSE Euronext, BNP Paribas, Bell Helicopter, France Telecom and other leading brands worldwide. Learn more at www.zend.com.

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