Zend Studio 11 “Mobilizes” PHP Applications and Boosts Developer Productivity and Flexibility

Newest Zend Studio Version Boosts Eclipse PHP Support, Facilitates Web Service Development and Cloud Deployment, Delivers Ultimate Debugging, and Offers New Pricing Options

Cupertino, CA --- July 15, 2014 – Zend, the PHP company, today announced the general availability of the newest version of Zend Studio, the award-winning integrated development environment (IDE).  Zend Studio 11 is the most open PHP IDE, offering the largest library of third- party plug-ins. This latest Zend Studio version helps  “mobilize” existing PHP apps. The new features significantly increase developers’ productivity, facilitate development and deployment in the cloud and improve team collaboration.

Mobilizing PHP Applications

Zend Studio makes it easy to create mobile applications on top of existing PHP applications and server back-ends. The new integration with Apigility, an open-source API builder, allows developers to uniquely create, edit, document, and test RPC or RESTful services using a user-friendly editor without having to worry about the plumbing. As a result, developers can focus on the business logic rather than client-server connectivity. A visual editor helps prototype the graphic user-interface of mobile applications with easy drag and drop actions.

The latest Zend Studio uses a simple workflow to create iOS, Android and Windows Phone mobile applications, leveraging integrated emulators to test native applications or deploy them to a real mobile device directly.

“This new version is a must-have for developers racing to bring mobility – and thus innovation -- to their existing PHP apps,” said Michel Gerin, Zend Studio General Manager.  “Zend Studio 11 harnesses the power of Apigility to write for Web or native mobile applications simultaneously, making it easy for developers to add Android or iOS mobile apps to PHP back-ends.”

Increasing Development Productivity

Zend Studio’s new optimized environment, which includes an advanced code editor, makes developers more productive with intuitive code assist, code completion, refactorings, real-time validation and analysis. New sophisticated code navigation and search functions save developers valuable development time.

Facilitating Cloud Deployment

Zend Studio enables developers to deploy PHP applications on any PHP enabled Web server.  Built-in cloud deployment integration features take full advantage of the cloud including support for Zend Server on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Red Hat OpenShift, Microsoft Azure, and IBM SoftLayer.

Supporting All Frameworks and Composer

Based on the open source Eclipse platform, Zend Studio is a fully open environment that supports all frameworks, from Zend Framework to Laravel and Symfony. Zend Studio enhances developers’ productivity from fetching dependencies with strong Composer support, learning new APIs, coding and unit testing to documentation and deployment.

The Ultimate Code Debugging and Testing with Z-Ray

The combination of Zend Studio and Zend Server 7’s new Z-Ray feature  gives developers in-context “X-ray” visibility into their code, queries and performance in both development and production. Z-Ray ties back directly into Zend Studio’s source-level debugging capabilities.

Zend Studio accesses the richest development ecosystem and the most extensive library of add-ons and plug-ins available with the Eclipse platform. The versatile IDE includes dedicated training, PHP code protection with Zend Guard, and a very active community of users.

Availability and Pricing

Zend Studio 11 is available today. Professional edition pricing starts at $89 for individual developers ($49 renewal) and $189 for commercial use ($139 renewal). A free open source community edition is also available.


A free trial version can be downloaded at: http://www.zend.com/en/products/studio

A short video demonstrating the new features is available at: http://www.zend.com/en/products/studio

A Webinar introducing the new version is scheduled for Wednesday, July 23th, 2014.

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