Zend Technologies Releases Zend Server 7, Featuring the All-New Z-Ray

Z-Ray Gives Developers Unprecedented, In-Context Visibility Inside Applications,
Helping Them Write Better Code and Detect and Fix Issues Earlier

CUPERTINO, Calif. – July 1, 2014 – Zend today announced the immediate availability of Zend Server 7, its newest integrated application platform for mobile and web applications. Zend Server 7 allows enterprises to deliver innovation faster, at larger scale and across more channels than ever before. The platform equips companies with critical agility, scale and reach to respond to customer needs quickly, bring products to market efficiently and support business growth.

Included in Zend Server 7 is the all-new Z-Ray, which gives unprecedented, in-context visibility inside apps, by showing in real time exactly what happens to construct each page. It helps developers write better code, detect and fix issues earlier, and collaborate with operations staff to resolve production problems faster.

Empowering Developers

Zend Server helps developers create better quality applications faster, giving them the control to ensure that these applications perform as expected after deployment. Software teams further benefit from platform consistency across development, test and operations, as well as automation of the release process, all of which remove inconsistencies and improve quality and speed.

“Using Zend Server Z-Ray is akin to wearing X-Ray goggles, effortlessly giving developers deep insight into how their code is running as they are developing it – all without having to change any of their habits or workflow,” said Zeev Suraski, CTO and co-founder of Zend. “With Z-Ray, developers can immediately understand the impact of their code changes, enabling them to both improve quality and solve issues long before their code reaches production. In addition to the obvious benefits of this ‘Left Shifting’ – better performance, fewer production issues and faster recovery times – using Z-Ray is also downright fun!”

The simple and intuitive Z-Ray, which requires no set-up or training, is garnering positive feedback from early Zend Server 7 users:

“Z-Ray has simplified my development processes with its immediate access to $_SESSION and database queries. Being able to view memory usage and execution time information ensures that I keep efficiency in mind all the way through the development process. It’s a must-have tool!” – Rob Allen, Owner at Nineteen Feet, Ltd.

“Z-Ray is a game-changer for me – it makes all the important information immediately available for me, like function call lists, errors/logs etc. It really helps that it shows the proportions of execution time used by PHP/DB/IO/Network, and how memory is used. It provides a great summary of what is going on when a page is requested.” – James Titcumb, Development Manager at Protected.co.uk 

"Z-Ray will save us a great deal of time from start to finish of a project - we now have the page development information where it should be, right there with the content we want to present.  It is a very cool tool!" - Larry Nies, President at NSC, Inc.  

"Z-Ray has the functionality I want. It provides an easy-to-use tool for seeing the SQL queries and PHP functions on each request. This will help our developers’ productivity." - Jason Evans, Enterprise Architect at CDS Global

Facilitating Continuous Delivery, Delivering Results

Today’s requirement for expedited, agile application delivery has fueled adoption of Continuous Delivery and DevOps – collaborative, iterative approaches that apply automation to all steps of moving an application from development to production.  The Zend Server platform is the fastest way to implement a Continuous Delivery approach to developing PHP applications. The platform works with Continuous Integration platforms such as Jenkins and Configuration Management tools from Ansible, Chef, Puppet and VMware, while automating all processes at the PHP application layer, including dependency management, packaging, configuration, deploy/rollback, scaling and monitoring.

Managing Applications at Web Scale

Zend Server lets organizations scale their applications to meet aggressive growth goals.  An integrated set of technologies enables caching of data and code to improve performance, job queues for asynchronous or offline processing of tasks, job scheduling to improve response times and reduce server load, dynamic cluster configuration to ensure performance, and monitoring to ensure that all services operate as intended.

Zend provides complete long-term support and ongoing maintenance of both the Zend Server PHP application platform and the certified PHP runtime environment that is distributed as part of Zend Server. Support for each major PHP runtime version is provided for five years from initial Zend Server release on that version. This delivers Zend’s customers and partners a reliable, secure and fully supported PHP application platform while allowing flexibility in managing the production environment lifecycle. Zend’s long-term support for PHP and Zend Server allows IT organizations to efficiently define and plan their business critical application development, production deployments and migration strategies.


“All companies must innovate in order to survive and thrive. Companies need quality software – delivered quickly, accurately and across many types of devices – to meet growing consumer demand,” said Andi Gutmans, CEO and co-founder, Zend. “Zend Server makes these objectives a reality, enabling organizations to use their existing infrastructure, development skills and operational infrastructure to power their agile initiatives and dynamically manage scale to support all mobile and web platforms.”


Zend Server Editions for Development and Operations

Zend Server is an integrated platform that delivers value at every step of the application lifecycle. Its value rises exponentially if all members of an application team use its functionality, from Development, through QA and Release Engineering to Production.

Zend Server 7 is available in three versions for operations and two versions for development. For all versions there is a 30-day free trial that can be downloaded today at http://zend.com/en/products/server.

About Zend Technologies

Zend provides an end-to-end solution for rapid application delivery, empowering companies to deliver innovation faster. Zend Server, our integrated application platform for mobile and web applications, equips development and operations teams with the infrastructure and insight to support rapid application releases, providing PHP applications with capabilities that ensure high levels of reliability, performance and security, both on-premise and in the cloud.

Zend partners with businesses to rapidly deliver modern apps across mobile and cloud. Zend helped establish the PHP language, which today powers over 200 million applications and web sites. Zend’s flagship offering, Zend Server, is the leading Application Platform for developing, deploying and managing business-critical applications in PHP. Zend solutions are deployed at more than 40,000 companies, including NYSE Euronext, BNP Paribas, Bell Helicopter and other leading brands worldwide. Learn more at www.zend.com.


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