Zend Technologies Releases Zend Server 8 for Amazon Web Services Marketplace

Provides PHP Developers with Exciting New Features Specific to the AWS Environment, Available on AWS Marketplace

CUPERTINO, Calif., Jan. 29, 2015 -- Zend today announced the immediate availability of Zend Server 8 for Amazon Web Services, its newest integrated application platform for mobile and web applications. Zend Server 8, the cloud-centric platform for PHP, delivers agility, scale and reach in the cloud to help businesses grow and be competitive. Pre-configured to work on Amazon Web Services (AWS), with Zend Server 8 running on AWS, users get scalability, productivity and performance with the simplicity of one-click deployments through AWS Marketplace. In addition to significant new product enhancements, there have been major enhancements to the integration points of Zend Server running on AWS.

"We are pleased to have Zend Server 8 available to our customers on AWS Marketplace," said David McCann, Vice President of AWS Marketplace, Amazon Web Services, Inc. "The rapidly growing population of customers buying third party software on AWS Marketplace can benefit from automated consumption, deployment & billing of Zend's enterprise-grade development and production environments to scale their PHP applications."

"With Zend Server 8, we've deepened our integration with AWS Marketplace, empowering even more developers to create and deploy scalable PHP applications," said Andi Gutmans, CEO and Co-founder of Zend Technologies.  "We've seen tremendous growth and increased usage of Zend Server on AWS. This new release continues to offer easy, affordable access to Zend Server in the Cloud, arming developers with the technology they need to deliver higher quality applications faster."

Zend Server Production Platform
When used in production, Zend Server running on AWS helps organizations scale their applications to meet aggressive growth goals.  All applications get a performance boost with an integrated set of technologies that enables caching of data and code, job queues for asynchronous or offline processing of tasks, job scheduling to improve response times and reduce server load, and dynamic cluster configuration.

In addition, Zend Server leverages AWS CloudFormation so that customers can easily scale Zend Server on the AWS cloud.  Zend's clustering technology works with AWS clustering using AWS CloudFormation templates auto-generated by Zend, ensuring that every workload is optimized for the available resources.

Monitoring and Root Cause Analysis
New monitoring technology ensures that all services operate as intended with real time application performance information on slow pages, runtime errors, and Code Trace of problematic PHP requests.

The Only Certified PHP Stack
Zend Server is a complete and secure PHP stack that delivers peace of mind to businesses with a fully tested stack that includes over80 PHP extensions and libraries. It is designed to enforce governance and standards compliance.  It provides complete long-term support and ongoing maintenance of both the Zend Server PHP application platform and the certified PHP runtime environment.

Zend Server Application Development Platform
Zend Server on the AWS Marketplace provides PHP developers with a complete enterprise-grade development stack that includes strong productivity, performance and support. Zend Server's Z-Ray technology gives unique, in-context visibility inside code and application performance by showing in real time exactly what happens as each page loads. It provides critical information on page requests, performance metrics, database query insight, session data and more.  And now, Z-Ray includes a tailored extension for AWS that provides insights into the AWS Instance serving the requests and significantly eases the cloud developer's workflows.

Unique Application and Framework-specific Insight
Applications built on Magento, Drupal and WordPress as well as framework-based applications using Zend Framework, Symfony or Laravel will benefit from unique application and framework-specific insights into their applications' execution flow and code.  This functionality is provided through Zend Server's new Z-Ray Extensibility API that allows developers to extend Z-Ray to any custom framework or application. In addition, ZRay Live! provides information on requests originating from native mobile clients and API calls, fully tested and supported on AWS.

AWS Cloud Automation and Customization
AWS developers can now deploy automatically from Amazon Simple Storage Service (AWS S3) buckets.  This level of integration improves overall developer efficiency and further improves time to deployment.

Zend Server 8 also provides new techniques for developers to customize their AWS environment.  Developers can build custom scripts that are downloaded from AWS and run locally after a successful startup.  Developers can also create a custom cluster management setup using AWS CloudFormation templates auto-generated by Zend.

Pricing and Availability
All three editions of Zend Server 8 on AWS Marketplace are available 30 days free of charge for the software (AWS usage fees apply). After that, Developer Edition running on AWS is $0.03/hr for Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) up to m3.medium instance types. Pricing for Professional and Enterprise Editions start at $0.013/hr for the t2.micro AMI.

Zend Server 8 is currently available on a wide variety of AMIs, spanning the range from micro-instances all the way to extra-large virtual servers optimized for compute-intensive workloads. 
To get started using Zend Server 8 running on AWS, please click here: http://www.zend.com/en/products/server/amazon-web-services-free-trial 

About Zend Technologies
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