Zend unveils Expressive, a new way to develop PHP applications

Expressive delivers unprecedented levels of componentization, simplicity, and performance, providing choices in request-based routing, dependency injection, and templating

injection, and templating 

Louisville, CO -- October 20, 2015 -  Zend Technologies, the PHP company, part of Rogue Wave Software, today announced a release candidate of Expressive, a new PSR-7 project under the Zend Framework umbrella.

Expressive allows developers to write PSR-7 compliant middleware applications for the web, and includes support for dynamic routing, DI, templating, and error handling. PSR-7, spearheaded by Matthew Weier O’Phinney from Zend, is a framework-agnostic standard for communicating over HTTP. With Expressive, developers implementing PSR-7 can hit the ground running with minimal effort.

Expressive leverages the move towards componentization within the PHP ecosystem. In addition to a number of Zend Framework 3 components, it provides developers a choice of 3rd-party components during initial setup, including request-based routing, dependency injection containers, and templating solutions; developers can also provide their own drop-in replacements through a simple plugin architecture provided by Expressive. All components are versioned independently, allowing developers to mix and match the solutions that best fit their project needs.

Developers start off with just the specific components they need while still using other components they may already have in their apps. Components may be updated individually, instead of waiting for full framework releases, providing flexible and convenient maintenance schedules.

Expressive is an important step towards an upcoming Zend Framework 3 release, providing a preview of the component-centric, performance, and usability goals of the project. Developers will see immediate performance benefits when writing new applications.

“Zend is very proud to announce this addition to the PHP ecosystem,” said Zeev Suraski, Zend CTO and co-founder. “More than simply reusability, Expressive takes components to a new level, allowing you to start as simply as possible and progress to harnessing the full power of the PHP ecosystem. Combined with the power of PSR-7 in Expressive, this is truly a renaissance in PHP.”

Try Expressive, and get more information on the project, at: http://framework.zend.com/expressive

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