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Zend Server Plus provides enterprise support for Zend Server and the full PHP stack.

Instead of juggling support from multiple vendors, Zend Server Plus provides a simplified support process for your full web application stack. Zend support includes expert-level guidance, training, and technical solutions that keep your mission-critical systems running.

What Is Zend Server Plus?

Zend Server Plus supports everything under Zend Server and the application, including the web server, database, and OS. When you use Zend Server Plus, you gain access to our enterprise architects who are standing by to fix performance issues, production outages, and security holes – all with guaranteed SLAs.


Our team of enterprise architects provides expert guidance based on extensive knowledge and experience in applying industry best practices to a variety of popular PHP web application stacks.


Our experts provide advanced, technical training that can add the requisite knowledge and experience to develop new features and solutions with complete confidence.


Get dependable, single source support for installation, usage, problem diagnosis, configuration, and upgrades across your entire web application stack.

Supported Technologies

Zend Server Plus includes support for the following technologies.

Operating System

Web Server

Running on any OS.


Running on any OS.


See PHP Support here.

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