Benefits of ZendHQ

ZendHQ provides observability tooling for ZendPHP, which includes:


Monitoring your application for problematic events, including slow execution time, high memory or CPU usage, or errors — including optionally capturing detailed code traces.


The ability to define application-specific events and data of interest, and drill into that information for any request, using Z-Ray.


Orchestration capabilities via an architecture designed from the ground up to accommodate cloud and container orchestration paradigms.

Easily Configure Permissions for Your Team

Companies have a variety of software access restriction requirements, and these often extend to tools like ZendHQ.

ZendHQ role-based authentication makes it easy to define and manage roles and permissions within ZendHQ, including rules, queues, events, and jobs at both the user and group level.

Optimize Your Database Queries

ZendHQ Database Query Introspection allows users to inspect database queries and trace the code that led up to them, making it easy to find and fix performance or functionality issues at the database query level.

With Database Query Introspection, users can:

  • List all queries performed during a request
  • Inspect database connections by type
  • See detailed transaction information
  • Backtrace what led to database query execution

Job Queueing Made Easy

JobQueue, included in the ZendHQ extension for ZendPHP, makes it easier than ever for teams to scale their PHP applications.

  • Job Deferment - defer long-running processes in order to return an immediate response.
  • Job Scheduling - schedule work to happen when more computational power is available.
  • Recurring Jobs - schedule regularly-occurring work on a set cadence.

Advanced Code Tracing Functionality

Easily identify, diagnose, and resolve issues in your production PHP applications with ZendHQ Code Tracing.

ZendHQ provides detailed information on execution time, memory consumption, and other critical areas of PHP applications to help teams proactively profile their code, identify bottlenecks, and work to fix issues and prevent future issues from occurring.

How ZendPHP and ZendHQ Fit Together

ZendHQ serves as an intermediary layer between ZendPHP and your application storage, webhooks, and graphical interface.

ZendHQ Product Diagram

How It Works

ZendHQ consists of several pieces:

  • An extension for ZendPHP.
  • ZendHQ itself, which receives information from ZendPHP extensions, and then stores or relays that information.
  • Storage plugins, which store historical information collected by ZendHQ.
  • A GUI, for viewing data from ZendHQ.
ZendHQ Monitoring

The ZendPHP extensions provide:

  • Monitoring, which uses consumer-created rules to trigger events to send to ZendHQ. These include information such as slow execution, high memory usage, high CPU usage, errors, and more.
  • Z-Ray, which allows plugins to hook into application-specific events and execution in order to provide detailed, application-specific insights.
Image ZendHQ ZRay

See ZendHQ in Action

This short demo provides a high-level overview of the ZendHQ functionality.

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