Zend Studio 12.5 Boosts Developer Productivity, Code Quality and Overall Application Performance

Latest Version of Zend Studio Strengthens Debugging Capabilities, Reinforces Mobile Development Features, Adds AngularJS, Doctrine, Apigility and Magento Support

CUPERTINO, Calif. --- April 21, 2015 – Zend, the PHP Company, today unveiled its newest version of Zend Studio, the award-winning integrated development environment (IDE) that powers quality code and elevated application performance. Zend Studio 12.5 fulfills developers’ need for a robust and flexible IDE, delivering increased performance while facilitating high-quality code creation.

“Developers depend on strong yet flexible debugging capabilities as essential ingredients for delivering quality code. They also need support and tight integration with the technologies they use or plan to use,” said Michel Gerin, Zend Development Tools General Manager. “This latest version of Zend Studio provides new debugging capabilities and integrates new technologies that empower all PHP developers to create innovative, forward-looking Web and mobile applications.”

The latest Zend Studio version lifts the debugging capabilities of a PHP IDE to new levels, encompassing a whole new way to set up remote debugging.  The Zend Debugger and Xdebug configuration now happens at the server level. This means that if you have multiple servers configured locally, in the cloud or remotely on an intranet, you can configure the debugger separately for each particular server, defining the connection settings via the server creation and edit wizard. The time-saving result: no common settings at the workspace level and no need to adjust them every time you need to use debugging on a different server.  In addition, the Variables view will now indicate what kind of variable or field you’re looking at, and changes to variables are highlighted. A tight integration with Z-Ray and Z-Ray Live! delivers  the ultimate debugging platform with unmatched real-time and in-context visibility inside the applications' code and performance.

Also, this latest version raises the Zend Studio mobile support bar by including additional support for Cordova and Ionic, and full editor support for AngularJS.  Zend Studio 12.5 uniquely offers developers a fully working and customizable sample mobile application with source code. The application uses Zend Framework and Apigility, an open-source API builder, as a foundation. Meanwhile, the mobile app uses Zend Server WebAPI for full reportability, performance and stability. Developers can use the sample mobile app as a starting point for their own projects.

The newest features empower developers to more easily create quality mobile and cloud-based applications, boosting developer productivity and application performance in the process.

Key features and benefits of Zend Studio 12.5 include:

  • PHPUnit4 support to ensure that the code is stable and functioning correctly, and to help diagnose errors
  • Increased mobile support with tighter Cordova and Ionic integration to create and emulate mobile apps directly from within the IDE
  • New Magento support with content assist for modules and other Magento specific elements
  • AngularJS support with dedicated HTML editor, an AngularJS Explorer view and a JavaScript editor, all supporting AngularJS specific code elements
  • New support for Apigility 1.1 for faster API development
  • New Doctrine plugin provides content assist for Doctrine ORM annotations
  • New Markdown Editor, which supports markdown writeup
  • New GitMylyn Integration to use a GitHub repository to store and retrieve Mylyn tasks

Zend Studio 12.5 is available today. A free trial can be downloaded at: http://www.zend.com/en/products/studio/

Zend Studio 12.5 is $189 for commercial use new users, and $139 for upgrade renewals, $89 for personal use new users and $29 for students. Free of charge to teachers, classrooms, and open source project developers.

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